MPS Treatments in NJ & NY: Microcurrent Point Stimulation

MPS treatments for TMJ/TMD | MPS Rockland County NY & Bergen County NJ

The first phase of Dr. Pilar’s MPS treatments combines the principles of acutherapy with DIRECT CURRENT electric stimulation at extremely low frequency levels to pinpoint and treat trigger points that cause debilitating muscle contractions and painful symptoms. MPS is extremely safe and painless. MPS is strictly the delivery of pin-point “DIRECT CURRENT”, that reverses inflammation (re-polarizes the spastic muscle tissue) whereas ALTERNATING CURRENT that is most commonly found in TENS or E-STIM units has no lasting effect other than the momentary relief of pain. Dr. Pilar has perfected the MPS delivery system with over tens years of MPS experience and was the first MPS practioner in the tri-state area.

How do Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Treatments Work?

MPS starts with an overall structural / mechanical body analysis looking for areas of nerve impingement, trigger point locations and acupuncture sites. All these sites are then integrated into protocols in order to reduce the impingement and relieve the pain.

The “trigger point” refers to a hyperirritable spot in muscle which manifests as a nodule (knot), which is painful on compression, and which can give rise to characteristic referred pain to other areas of the body. The original trigger point location, or “the primary trigger point”, relays pain to remote areas, or “satellite trigger points” having the same characteristics as the referring primary points. If these satellite trigger points are not treated within a period of time they often turn into primary trigger points. But worst of all, if not addressed over a prolonged period of time the trigger points sometimes sit deep within the muscles and lay dormant at times, ready to explode when least expected. Under trigger point conditions, these effected muscles have been negatively educated and, if the trigger point presence continues over time with treatment, the more difficult it becomes to treat and re-educate the muscles back to normal condition.

MPS Treatments in NJ & NY Microcurrent Point Stimulation