Patient Testimonials

Dr. Pilar,

Thanks for the heads up on the insurance check. I appreciate your attention to my case--I wish more doctors (and lawyers) could be as diligent.

I have been using the orthotic for a month or so now, and it is working great. I'd say I have had a 80% reduction in headaches and a massive reduction in neck pain (95%). When I am not wearing the orthotic during the day, I definitely do feel a headache difference, so I try to wear it as much as possible. Is the end goal here to restructure my jaw so that I ultimately don't experience headaches when I am not wearing the orthotic?

— Matt
DOCTOR'S NOTE: Matt, an attorney responding to me via e-mail comment... I answered him "yes.

I was referred to Dr. Pilar through my ENT doctor, and I truly do not know where I would be today if I wasn't. I was experiencing awful headaches, jaw pain, ear ringing, sinus congestion, eye floaters, etc. I had been to pretty much every doctor you could go to, and nobody could figure out what was wrong with me. Dr. Pilar's extensive knowledge about TMJ, his friendliness, and caring made me feel better already when I first saw him. He made me the customized NTI orthotic, which I have been wearing for almost three months, and most of my symptoms have exponentially gotten better if not disappeared. If you have TMJ, this is doctor to go to. We are lucky to have someone with such great experience and knowledge within this area.

— Jacqueline K.

I just wanted to let you know that after just two nights I am already having results: better sleep, no headache and my jaw movements are alre ady becoming smoother and less painful. I can't believe it, it seems a miracle! Thanks a lot, I think you're changing my life! I'll keep you informed about how everything goes on.

... Just a little update about the TNI: all my symptoms keep improving, especially now that I am wearing the orthotic most of the day as well, since I am back home working on my computer. The best has been going cave diving during the weekend: for the first time in many years I was able to open my mouth properly after long dives and eat my sandwich without getting stuck! Of course my jaw keeps clicking especially on the right side, but now the click is smoother and less painful. I am confident my jaw joints are healing and much faster than I thought. Millions of thanks again!!!

— Daniela

Shalom Dr. Pilar,

Thank you so much ("toda raba" in Hebrew) for the thorough evaluation, report, and treatment.

I am so relieved now that my sleep is improving, it feels like being a human being again!!

— S. M.

I feel as if I have had a huge weight lifted. I have suffered from major migraines since I was a young girl. I have been to migraine clinics – specialists – trials – sleep specialists, pulmonologists – endocrinologists, neurologists – ear-nose-throat specialists, and numerous surgeries. Rounds of prednisone that destroy the bodies – I have travelled to Canada when they said there was nothing else to be done in New York.

Yesterday, in 3 hours, I had a mouth orthotic appliance made with nerve muscle stimulation and haven’t had pain for 24 hours.

If migraines are the mystery illness, you are the magic doctor with the plethora of “tricks” to diagnose and properly make a devise to change my life.

What is more amazing to me is your knowledge – your ability to explain to a patient in terms they understand – Your concern about listening to the patient without making the patient feel they don’t know what they are talking about.

There are so many variables – none of which were considered by all the doctor/ specialists I went to…it was easy for them to give me medication, hard for them to look for the source of my problems.

Thank you for convincing me that I owe it to me to investigate everything – thank goodness that I listened and I allowed you to do your evaluation.

I hope this is just the beginning of life without constant pain & constant states of medication.

I hope I can be an advocate to tell every doctor whom I have seen over the years, - to hear what you have to say and what you can do to help children and adults who have suffered “already too long”!!

Thank you seems so inadequate, I do truly appreciate your knowledge, your incredible hands, your diagnostic technique and your dedication to have peope leave pain-free!!

— Renee S.
DOCTOR'S NOTE: 3 years later, Patient is free of all TMD pain and no longer suffers from migraine.

I had trouble on the left side of my mouth. I had pain and it was difficult to open my mouth. My ENT doctor suggested I see Dr. Pilar. It was in 2008 that I started as a patient of Dr. Pilar. He made me an orthotic that I was to wear every night. Improvement came almost immediately & I now go about every 2 months to see Dr. Pilar. I do not use the orthotic every night and I feel much better.

— Patricia O.

It is now about five months after I got new treatment for TMJ and the difference is amazing. I am feeling incredibly better Most of my pains are ancient history.

Thank you Dr. Pilar

— Irene W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Mike Pilar for two months and I feel so much better and am so very happy to have found Dr. Pilar.

I have had TMJ problems for a very long time, however, my symptoms would come and go over the years. I was treated by my dentist at various stages of my life which consisted of them making me a full surface mouth guard, mainly so I would have something soft protecting my teeth since I clench during my sleep. The hope was that it would help to cut down on my headaches and jaw pain. Within the last six months, my symptoms became extremely acute unexpectedly. I had tremendous pain in my jaw causing swelling on both sides of my face. I had regular headaches, but they had increased in intensity. My jaw was out of sync and my teeth didn’t line up. I could barely open my mouth and eating was a horrible experience. Since I had never experienced such horrible symptoms, I assumed this was related to a motor vehicle accident I had two years prior in which the impact was so severe that I fractured my neck. I had hoped the “flare” of these painful symptoms would pass, but they didn’t.

Since I was in physical therapy for other injuries relating to the accident, the physical therapists tried to help my pain. Massage therapists and acupuncturists were unable to relieve it. My dentist sent me for a consultation with an oral surgeon and still no help. Right around that time, I read about Dr. Pilar in “River Town” magazine. In his article, I felt that he was speaking to me and describing my exact symptoms. I made an appointment with Dr. Pilar for the following week.

During my first visit, Dr. Pilar gave me an extensive and comprehensive evaluation, explaining my condition to me at the same time. We made an appointment for the very next day during which he made my orthotic appliance and gave me my first treatment using Direct Current stimulation. I began using the orthotic appliance when I went to sleep that evening and I felt relief the very next day. By the second day I felt a lot more relief. I would say that by my third night of wearing the orthotic, I felt 50% better and by the time I saw Dr. Pilar a week later, I felt almost 70% better. I have had weekly and bi-weekly follow up appointments and I would say today I feel about 85% better. My jaw is still healing but for the most part, I really don’t think about my jaw anymore, I feel a little bit better after each Direct Current stimulation session that I have with Dr. Pilar.

I would gladly recommend Dr. Pilar to anyone experiencing any kind of TMJ or related pain. Dr. Pilar’s extensive knowledge and experience are evident in his comprehensive treatment plan. I feel immensely better, and most of the relief happened within just a few days, which was very surprising to me. Dr. Pilar has given me back a feeling of good health again.

Thank you Dr. Pilar!

— Wendy D.

As you know, I developed TMJ when my old mouth appliance aggressively extended my lower jaw. I experienced pain on the right side of my head, with sinus headaches.

After my first treatment and wearing the new Pilar-Type NTI appliance, all pain was gone ! It has not returned since.

— Krys A.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for the treatment that you provided to my son Joseph on the 5th of December 2008.

Joseph was suffering daily migraines and we had seen numerous specialists who could not help him.

The migraines became debilitating.

Almost by accident (but I believe it was devine intervention) I finally called you and you fit us into your schedule the following day. You stayed late to make the necessary “Appliance” for Joseph.

That night, Joseph slept through the night for the first time in 4 months.

It was the first time I slept through the night in 4 months, too!

Words cannot express my deep appreciation for your knowledge and dedication.

— Kimberly P.

After 15 years of suffering with severe headaches, pain on the side of my face, ear aches and neck problems, I found relief with the first treatment Dr. Pilar provided. After one month of treatment, most symptoms have disappeared and I feel better.

— Leonor H.

Just a note to let you know that my visit to your office 2 months ago proved to be very positive.

Since I started to use my customized orthotic mouth appliance, I noticed that there is quite a change in the number of Tinnitus occurrences. They are becoming less and not as severe as prior to my treatment. I want to thank you for your help.

I am very pleased that my daughter insisted that I go to see you.

Kindest personal regards

— Jerry M.
DOCTOR'S NOTE: Patient initial diagnosis showed no apparent symptoms other than an impossible to tolerate roaring train sound 24/7 in both ears. There was neither apparent joint disc disorder or existing muscle pain anywhere. Case turned out to be a clenching disorder having external effect on the ears. (clenching occurs during sleep, patient not aware)