TMJ Mouth Guards for New York and New Jersey

The Pilar-Type NTI Mouth Muscle Orthotic

Dr. Pilar's TMJ Mouth Guard/Orthotic

Treatment Phase Takes Bite Out of TMJ/TMD Pain…

During the second phase of treatment, Dr. Pilar creates a customized mouth guard, which is an orthotic mouth appliance called the Pilar-Type NTI. These mouth or night guards help conquer TMJ by preventing all contact between the upper and lower teeth on the side and back teeth, essentially eliminating head and neck muscular contractions associated with certain contact between teeth, including grinding, especially during sleep.

The Pilar-Type NTI is not your ordinary or regular night guard. A regular night guard, any horseshoe-shaped appliance does not halt temporal muscle activity along the jaw or mandible, resulting symptoms like clenching, sinusitis, tension headache, migraines, and shoulder and neck pain.

The Pilar-Type NTI does. Each Pilar-Type NTI is made by hand and in great detail by Dr. Pilar onsite for a perfect fit..

This custom orthotic eradicates all back teeth clenching pressure. The aggregate pressure on the remaining upper and lower teeth is minimal with no negative effect.

NTIs effectively prevent migraines from occurring and potentially help most patients ease reliance on prescription and over-the-counter pain medications.

Advantages of Pilar NTI Mouth Guards for TMJ…

As previously explained, Pilar-Type NTI orthotics eliminate total upper and lower back teeth contact, specifically the canine through the last molar on each side. This is accomplished with minimum loss of vertical space between closed upper and lower back teeth. No other appliance does this. Minimum space between upper and lower back teeth with an in-mouth appliance during closure is critical as it prevents excessive lateral sliding movements of the jaw joint. Removing all contact between upper and lower back teeth eliminates clenching, or temporal muscle excitement. This pressure has been measured at more than 600 pounds per square inch of pressure.

Transfer of clenching force to the front teeth is no more than perhaps 60 pounds of force, a pressure the body can handle very well. In many cases, back teeth clenching results ear ringing, congestion, sinus congestion, light-headedness,, migraines, tension headaches and neck and shoulder pain.


Why Proper Diagnosis for Mouth Guards Is Crucial…

There is an art to making a Pilar-Type NTI orthotic. Each Pilar-Type NTI orthotic is custom hand made, requiring Dr. Pilar to expend over an hour and a half to fabricate at chair side. NTI laboratory-made orthotics cannot provide the detail needed to achieve maximum results, Dr. Pilar strongly believes, and any deviation from the ideal will end up in failure.

Dr. Pilar has made over one thousand Pilar-Type NTI orthotics with positive results for almost all TMJ and tension-stress case paients presented to him. That includes many tinnitus cases (ringing in the ear), often missed, without any overt TMJ symptoms observed.

Patients in most cases are not aware of night clenching. The telltale sign is when the doctor feels and palpates the elevator muscles and tendon within the mouth itself to detect signs of inflammation. Over a period of one to three months, the orthotic, in most cases, is effective in treating tinnitus emanating from an undiagnosed TMJ disorder.


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