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The Pilar-Type NTI Mouth Muscle Orthotic

During the second phase of treatment, Dr. Pilar custom models a special doctors mouth guard or orthotic mouth appliance called the Pilar-Type NTI. These mouth guards for TMJ prevent all contact between the upper and lower side and back teeth, eliminating the associated head and neck muscular contractions, especially during sleep.

The Pilar-Type NTI is much more than an ordinary nightguard. A regular nightguard or any horseshoe type appliance does not stop temporal muscle activity with resulting symptoms of clenching, sinusitis, tension headache, migraines, and shoulder and neck pain. The Pilar-Type NTI does. Each Pilar-Type NTI is handmade in great detail by Dr. Pilar on site to fit the patient perfectly.

The orthotic removes all back teeth clenching pressure. The remaining upper and lower front teeth collective pressure is minimal with no negative effect.

NTI’s are effective in migraine prevention and can also help most patients alleviate reliance on prescription and over-the-counter pain medications.

Advantages of the Pilar-Type NTI TMJ Mouth Guards

The Pilar-Type NTI orthotic eliminates total back teeth contact between all upper and lower teeth, specifically the canine through the last molar on both sides. This is done with minimum loss of vertical space between the upper and lower back teeth in a closed position. No other appliance can accomplish this minimal closure of space. Minimum closure of space between upper and lower back teeth with an in-mouth appliance is critical as it prevents excessive lateral sliding movements of the jaw joint. In addition, the total removal of back contact of upper and lower teeth eliminates all temporal muscle excitement (clenching), which can be measured at 600 lbs./sq. inch of pressure plus.

That results with the transfer of clenching forces to the front teeth is minimal clenching pressure of maybe 60 lbs. of force on the front teeth, at which pressure the body can handle very well. In many cases, back teeth clenching is the silent source of ear ringing/congestion, light-headedness/sinus congestion, migraine/ tension headaches and neck and shoulder pain.

Importance of Proper Diagnosis for TMJ Mouth Guards

There is an art to making a Pilar-Type NTI orthotic. Each Pilar-Type NTI orthotic is custom hand made, taking Dr. Pilar over one and a half hours to fabricate at chair side. Dr. Pilar strongly believes an NTI laboratory-made orthotic cannot provide the detail needed to achieve maximum results, and that any deviation from ideal results will end up in failure.

Dr. Pilar has made over one thousand Pilar-Type NTI orthotics with positive results in almost all TMJ/headache/tension-stress cases presented to him, as well as many tinnitus cases (ringing in the ear) presented without any overt TMJ symptoms present. All too often a physician misses the TMJ involvement of tinnitus and concludes that the ear is just fine, however, the patient continues to suffer. The silent killer is the clenching and forceful pressure of the jaw against the outer part of the inner ear wall which causes lightheadedness/congestion/ringing in the ear (usually unilaterally). Patients in most cases are not aware of night clenching. The telltale sign is for the doctor to feel and palpate the elevator muscles and tendon within the mouth to see signs of inflammation. Over a period of one to three months, the orthotic, in most cases, is effective in treating tinnitus emanating from an undiagnosed TMJ disorder.

TMJ Mouth Guards for New York (NY) & New Jersey (NJ)