My Practice is restricted to treatment of TMJ/TMD & Migraine & Tension Headache which yield the following symptoms: Jaw clicking & clenching & pain. Ear ringing (tinnitus) & dizziness, Lightheadedness, Sleep disruption, Sinusitis, Ear congestion & pain, Neck & shoulder pain, Visual disturbance, Teeth grinding, Throat irritation, Jaw muscle pain, Jaw opening pain, Locked jaw. I feel as though I am part of a very special breed of TMJ/TMD Practioners that are more successful than any other health professional group in the treatment of TMJ issues/migraine and tension headache. I go into great detail on my web site www. ‘ ‘

TMD is is either passed off by the doctor as untreatable without medication or in many cases not even diagnosed. In addition, most migraine patients I initially see have been to neurologists where brain MRIs are taken, showing no tumors present. These patients are often treated with muscle relaxants and sent home.

Further, pain management physicians routinely give TMD/migraine patients injections (Botox. etc.) temporarily treating TMD pain symptoms, with the physicians unable to find or treat the source of the patient’s pain. Many patients eventually end up researching and diagnosing their own condition after failed attempts by health professionals to guide them. Thank you internet and google.

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